Worship Team

Ministry Area: Worship Arts Ministry

Frequency: 1-2 times per month, 3+ times per month, Flexible Schedule, Recurring Opportunities, Set Schedule, Weekly

Demographics: Adults

Spiritual Gifts: Faith

Personality: Assisting a leader, Group/Team settings - working with others, Working with a variety of people and tasks, Working with primarily churched people

Skills: Communicating, Musical, Performing, Support Role, Technology


Each Sunday Worship service requires a dedicated team of vocalist and musicians who are willing to use their gifts for His glory as well as a large number of individuals technically trained to operate our sound board, computers, video, and live streaming equipment. This team is essential to engage the LCC church family and engage them in a heart of worship each week. Rehearsal is usually on Thursday nights from 6:30-8:30 pm and Sunday morning at 7:00 am. They lead both worship services, which are identical in format, worship set, and team.


Worship means to ascribe that person or thing with worth, adoration, and honor. God has designed humanity to find their ultimate fulfillment in worshiping Him with their entire lives. We believe everyday life is filled with opportunities to worship God in everything we do – whether in our jobs, families, hobbies, or in artistic expressions such as music, singing, or visual arts, we want to be a Christ-centered and Christ-sent people that are empowered by the Holy Spirit to bear witness to the world of God’s good-news story.


When the people of Lake Community Church gather on a Sunday morning, we also refer to that as worship. We worship together in a variety of ways including singing songs, prayer, the readings of Scripture, and other expressions of worship. Our desire is to help you grow in your life of worship as a passionate and natural response to the knowledge of Christ’s incredible love for you. Each Sunday, we hope you will experience an inviting atmosphere, authentic worship, and a community of believers who love God, love others, and love each other. LCC Worship Ministries exists to creatively shape Sunday worship gatherings that engage seekers and stir believers to experience Christ’s presence, help people encounter God, and live for God’s glory!


We have a wonderful group of talented musicians who are committed to worship
excellence. The worship team is not merely a band of musicians; rather, it is a tool in the
hands of a Savior who delights in His own glory and calls His people to partake of His joy.
The team includes:
Lead vocalists
Support Vocalists
Acoustic guitar
Electric guitar
Bass guitar
Stringed instruments like Cello and violins
Have you ever gotten the chills when it seems like the whole church is singing together? Excellence in production paves the way to experience God by limiting distractions. Using technology such as video, audio, and lighting, those who serve on the sound and media team help the Word of God to be both heard and seen.
LCC TV: If you either know or want to know what “The Rule of Thirds,” “Head Room,” or “Stream Casting” means…then being an LCC TV team member is right up your alley. This team use the latest equipment to bring the ministry of LCC to the local community as well as to the online community around the world.
AUDIO ENGINEERS: Contrary to popular belief, you can’t just turn on a sound system and hope it works right. Audio Engineers work magic to make our ears hear sound the way it was meant to be!
VIDEO ENGINEERS: Video Engineers help the church family engage in worship and enhance the teaching of the Word These team members use ProPresenter and other computer software to facilitate participation in worship by providing song lyrics, Scripture passages, and sermon points to the church body.

We are always looking for people who are willing to help improve people’s worship experience. We are currently in need of both vocalists and instrumentalists as well as additional team members in the area of Creative Arts.
If you are interested in finding out more and taking the next step, please fill out our Worship Team Application.


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