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LCC Kids Easter Celebration Online

On Sunday, April 12th during our Sunday Morning Easter service online, we are going to have a special mini message for all of our amazing LCC Kids. In order for your kids to get the most out of this, and not feel left out, we are asking each LCC family to swing by the church and pick up one set of three filled Easter eggs and some candy. These eggs and candy will be placed in a Ziplock bag and stored in a black tote located outside the main Lake Community Church doors. Before the LCC 10:30 Easter service begins, parents should hide the three eggs in the room you will be worshipping in together as a family. During the service, Pastor Cory will instruct the kids to hunt for the eggs and then lead them in opening the eggs and to a clear understanding of what Easter is all about.

Parents: Please only take one bag per family so we will have enough for everyone. Caution: In one of the three eggs is a set of three nails. We have taken caution and grounded down the points of the nails, but these items could still present a choking hazard.

Easter Eggs


April 12, 2020 @ 10:30 am - 11:30 am



Pastor Cory Shreve