Pen Pals

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Relationships in Disrepair

August 15, 2021

Sometimes things break, especially if you have kids.  Around our house, it’s very common to come home and something has broken – a lamp, a toy, a door, a boat….etc.  It’s a normal part of life to repair the things that are broken.  Sure, it’s easy to just buy new stuff, but that has a cost as well.  Learning to repair broken things is a part of life.  Relationships are no different.  Life happens, feelings get hurt, unkind words are spoken, and relationships are broken.  Just everyday life.  We must learn how to repair those relationships, especially those between brothers and sisters in the Lord.

This week we are starting a new series called Pen Pals.  We will take a look at four of the shortest books in the New Testament that are letters written to specific people.