Prepared Sermon Series

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Prepared to Suffer

September 13, 2020

Nobody looks forward to going through tough times.  We might look forward to a vacation to the beach in January or boating on the lake in July, but rarely do we look forward to tough times.  However, if you know that tough times are coming, what should you do to prepare?  How are we called to endure suffering, both personally and corporately?  We spend so much time avoiding suffering that we don’t take the time to consider that suffering may be good for us.  We know this happens in sports.  You will not get stronger or faster if you don’t push yourself while training.  A good coach will raise the bar little by little to get the most out of his players.  Some training may not be what you would consider fun, but it will make you faster, stronger, and better in the end.

God is giving His church the opportunity to grow in times of hardships, uncertainty, and suffering.  It’s not going to be easy.  It’s not something we would choose to go through.  Nevertheless, it’s God’s way of bringing glory to Himself and training His people to live for the day when we will see our Lord and Savior face-to-face.