Pen Pals

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Fight For the Faith

September 19, 2021

FIGHT for the faith?  Drop what you are doing and contend for the faith.  These words might not sit well with you.  We are called to be people of peace.  Living peacefully with all people and loving others.  Fighting for the faith seems like something from the Crusades in Medieval times.  Fighting for the faith feels counter intuitive to the call to live at peace with others as far as we can.  Yet, Jude says this in his short letter to the church that we are to…  “Fight with everything you have in you for this faith entrusted to us as a gift to guard and cherish.” (The Message)  Just like we would fight an illness in our bodies in order to be healthy, we are to fight for the faith we have been entrusted with.  Jude holds nothing back as he gives a direct warning and charge to fight for the faith.  Please join us this Sunday as we wrap up the Pen Pal series with the book of Jude.