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A Picture of Jesus Christ

October 3, 2021

Have you ever tried to describe something that was so amazing that your words and descriptions might sound a little strange?  Think about an image that evokes emotions and stirs your soul.  Maybe it was the birth of a child or when you met a loved one for the first time.  Maybe you were at an epic sporting event that came down to the wire.  Or maybe it was when you gave your life to Jesus.  If someone were to ask you to describe that moment you probably would not just give the facts.  Instead you would describe what you experienced, what you saw and how you felt.

John turns around and sees Jesus Christ, the “Son of Man.”  This picture will forever be seared in his mind and heart.  Now he must describe it to us because he was ordered to write about it.  This Sunday we will continue in Revelation and get a picture of the Ancient of Days, Jesus Christ himself.